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HP Scanjet 4570c Scanner (ver. 1.­2) ZIP SELF-EXTRACTING libéré 2002.10.02.

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Marque HP
Scanjet 4570c Scanner
Exploitation Systèmes Windows 2000, Windows XP
Version 1.­2
Fichier taille 601 Kb
Libéré 2002.10.02
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ScanJet 4500/­5550c,­ 4570/­5500c series software v1.­2 sleep mode/­ PC reboot update for HP Scanjet 4570c Scanner Type: Update This update fixes a problem that may cause the computer to lose communication with the scanner after going into sleep,­ hibernate,­ or standby modes on some Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems.­ This problem may also occur after restarting some Windows XP computers.­ If you are not having this problem,­ you do not need this update.­ Make sure that all other applications are closed and that the HP Photo and Imaging software is installed.­ You will also need to have your scanner connected and powered on prior to installing this update.­ Reboot the computer if the program prompts you to do so.­ After install has finished you will need to remove the scanner's power cable for a few seconds and then reattach it in order to reset your scanner.­ Choose the file you want to download to your system.­ With your mouse,­ click on the file.­ In the 'save as' dialogue,­ you will be prompted to select the folder (subdirectory) where you want the file downloaded.­ Once the file is downloaded,­ double-click on the file,­ the software will decompress and then install automatically.­ Follow the directions during installation of this update closely.­

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